Drain Unblocking Dublin

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We can unblock and clean your drains of silt, all rubbish, concrete grout and tree roots by using our high-pressure water/ hydro jetting units. Dublin drain cleaning has a wide range of equipment’s and technology available to clean pipelines from as small as 40mm up to 2 meters in diameter. 

Hydro-Jetting or water jetting is a process where water is pumped under high Pressure through a flexible hose to clean the pipe or blocked drain. The pressure of water clears the blocked drain or any blockages. All the domestic blockages will take less than an hour to clear it. Our engineers are highly trained, and we use the advanced technology to clear all the blockage.

The jetting heads have different configurations and flow rates help us to carry out the following: 1] Flush silt and waste from all the pipe and drain  2] To strip grease and oil from the pipe or drain 3] To flush plastic objects from the drain 4] To clean drains and pipes prior to CCTV drain camera survey.

Here are some of the most common causes of blocked drains


A blocked drain is often a result of object and debris such as hair, fats, food build-ups or soap pieces are caught up in the drain process, such as drain pipes. At first, these materials  may not obstruct the draining process completely. However, eventually, they collect materials with time and hinder free flow of water.

Bathrooms are one such common place where debris and objects are flushed off with sanitary items. Therefore, immediate action is required to save you from a completely blocked drainage system. Likewise, shower drains should be checked regularly for drain unblocking.

Heavy downpour and cyclone

During heavy downpours, drains are subject to huge amount of water due to excess water or floods. Drainage problem can occur, especially if drains have not been cleared for long. Additionally, storms, cyclones and rain can bring dirt, litter, leaves and other materials to further block drainage systems. Such blocked drains are very common as most drainage systems are not designed for heavy downpours, storms or cyclonic climates.

Structural errors

This may arise in many ways. For example, when drainage pipes are damaged or bumped up, water cannot flow off smoothly, causing blocked drains. This usually happens when drain surveys are not attempted by professionals. This also leads to low quality pipe materials being placed, incorrect installation and misalignment of pipes. Therefore, experienced and professional drainage companies should be contacted for a thorough survey and drain cleaning.

Fat and grease

Another reason for blocked drains is the fat and grease poured down the drains. If any liquid containing fat and grease is poured down will lead to the fat sticking on the inside walls of the pipe. This eventually creates a build up with time and results in a complete obstruction and blockage of the drainage systems. To reduce the chances of such barricade, conduct frequent drain cleaning systems by hiring professionals to minimise the chances of blocked drains.